Wedding Films

As a boutique wedding film production company iPic Frames, Cinematic Wedding Films are different than others traditional videos.Weddings are full celebration of love and a start of a new journey. Over the last few years we have put up our reputation on making stylish & contemporary wedding day films. Hopefully we will capture the emotions of the day, when you laugh or cry we will be there to catch these emotions; these are the things that will make you watch your wedding film over and over again. We are not only making the wedding film more over telling a story of our lovely couples.

We believe every couple has different story before we start our shooting we discuss with our bride and grooms about their fairytale and then a dream wedding film create.We want you to relish your each and every moments of wedding experience. Not just the day itself, but the whole process. After all the excitement dies down, we will give you an amazing film that will have captured all of the right moments & the magnitude of your day.

Our team of cinematographers can actually be in two places at once, covering both the bride and groom’s preparation, shooting detailed, your dress, wedding rings, and ceremony location and all the rituals as well as capturing lots of fun, candid moments with your family and close friends. And with multiple cameras and a dedicated audio professional, we’re fully prepared to cover the bride, the groom, and the guests at your ceremony.We like to maintain our wedding films short and crispy within 20-30 minutes. Apart from this specially modified and assembled film, you also get the all the shots of wedding in form of short clips that can be viewed together. If you want to make a longer film more than 30 mints, you can place a special request to us as well.