We Take an image, freeze a moment and reveal how wonderful life is.

Photography enthusiasts love to click each and every expression and emotion of the happiest day of someone’s life is our goal. We believe that every couple has their own chemistry and we take it as a challenge to capture their real personalities. We are also fun loving and friendly by nature and try to make them camera friendly, by getting to know them first.

We bring all these different aspects of the celebration together, for everyone to see. We believe in creating beautiful off-beat and fun wedding memories which will last for generations to come. We are fun loving and friendly by nature and its make us easy to make them camera friendly, by getting to know them first. We always cover every single moment and rituals which is really important, they carry the significance attached to the emotions and have feel of celebrations within them.

Meet The Team

For Nilanjana, becoming a Wedding photographer is not something she has planned of being in first place. Since then the passion for photography is growing intensely and having a strong eye for design and styling and digital marketing initiatives, curating social media content, digital campaigns and events.

Today, she continues to work with young and enthusiast’s photographer and make a strong team in the industry has earned a niche for itself in all over India. With a near to perfection work attitude the team of professionals assure you to have a memorable bundle of clicks that you will flip with a smile forever. She specializes in Candid-Contemporary Wedding Photography – which would be the new casual candid style of portrait and editorial photography at weddings, which is prettier and more personal than the regular documentation photography.

Founder & CEO

Creative Director